Filler, Anger, Drink #3, Rules, Self-Doubt

Living an effective life is completely about thinking clearly and purposefully. Your mind is a hidden treasure chest of valuable ideas that you could use to advance your life. Ideas can create new businesses, new processes, solutions to problems, great works of art or literature and ways to improve your relationships. If we could identify what keeps us from generating ideas, we could live a life of creativity and excitement. 

There are many things in life that keep us from living a life of creativity. Here are five items to control with your mind that limit your ability to create: 

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News on TV and the radio rob you of time to think. Sitcoms and reality programs fill your mind with meaningless junk that steals time away forever. Examine your wasted time with media and ask, "Is this really important?"


Being angry requires you to look backwards at a perceived harm instead of looking forward toward a better life. Be quick to forgive and move on clearing your mind to be positive and creative. 

Too much alcohol can rob you of creativity.

Too much alcohol can rob you of creativity.

Drink #3:

Although alcohol can relax a person and allow for a free flow of ideas, too many drinks do the opposite. The third, fourth, or fifth drink robs you of clear thought and genuine creativity. 


While rules help to govern our society and provide structure, too many rules become a hindrance to the free flow of ideas. Rules for rules' sake kill creativity and innovative thinking. Start by eliminating rules that you don't know why they exist. Read Mending Wall by Robert Frost. 

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Stop the lie; the best ideas are in someone else's head. You have great ideas for your life. Trust yourself. Give your ideas the chance they deserve.