Start Your Day Out Being Creative

So many people want to live a creative life but fail to get started on the right path. The early part of your day is critical to getting your mind and attitude pointed in a creative direction. Here are three things to do to be more creative and stay focused on success:

1. Slow down while getting ready for your day.


Take a shower that allows you to stop and really enjoy the water moving across your body. You will be connecting your body with your mind exercising both right brain and left brain stimulation. You will find you have more creative solutions to standard problems.

2. Take a slightly new route to work.


Taking a back road or new highway may take a couple of extra minutes but it will force you out of your common pattern. Changing simple habits sets your mind to accept new ideas and creative insights. If you work from home you can accomplish the same result by sitting in a different chair than normal or simply start your day answering emails outside on your porch.

3. Write down a simple statement in a journal each morning that sets your personal direction. A few examples would be:


Today I will be a kind, gentle, and appreciative person.


My thoughts today will be focused on meeting the needs of others whom I care for deeply.


I am a strong and courageous person as I face today’s challenges.

Each day that you start out properly focused on success will mean greater creativity and insight. The more you do this the easier it will be and you will find that you’ve become a truly innovative and insightful person.

Mark is an entrepreneur and leader in the hospice and palliative care industry. He did doctoral and postdoctoral study in Creativity and Innovation at Walden University and Stanford University.