Hop, Hop, Land The Job Of Your Dreams

Too many people jump from job to job chasing higher paychecks and bigger names all the while continuing to feel lukewarm about what they do.

This life does not have to be yours. A question that I get a lot is, “What should I look for in a job?” This is a really good question that, if answered correctly, may mean landing the job of your dreams, but if answered incorrectly, could be just another stop on your job hopping journey.

I have provided 3 essentials, that if you make sure you consider when selecting your next job, I promise you will find greater happiness and fulfillment in what you do. Don’t settle for a job that pays the bills, go get the job that was meant for you!



Can you fully engage in the organization because it has an element of purpose that is a cultural, ethical, or spiritual fit with you?

There needs to be a meaning for the job beyond money in order for any person to want to be there long term. One of the great mistakes of this generation coming out of school is the lack of commitment to the first job (or few). The world is looking to see if you can and will commit. Therefore, don't even start a job you can't get emotionally behind. In order to get fully behind the organization and your role, putting up with the crap of the lower level roles within an organization, you must be able to feel a sense of purpose and connection to the organization. The connection can be with the employees, customers, vision or charitable activities. It doesn't matter what your connection is, you just need a good one. If you can't get on board with who they are and what they stand for, then frankly, you should wait for a better fit. 

YOU deserve a role that has meaning.
And your employer deserves a person that is COMMITTED to its purpose.



The role should include compensation that validates your time and efforts. Compensation includes money, benefits, culture, people, mentoring, flexibility, contribution, and passion. 

Be certain not to focus on anything that is taxable - If it can be taxed or taken from you, then it should not be your primary reason for being at the job. 

Instead, focus on things that are long term and meaningful such as mentors, friends, opportunities, flexibility, and most importantly, contribution.  If you cannot contribute, you will hate your job. Look for compassion in all the places where the other person fails to see them. Be the employee that sees the big picture and you will be happy and fulfilled.

Finally, you must reach out and take some of these (less commonly sought after) compensation items:

  • In order to be mentored, you must be in the right places at the right time - ready to ask for advice and guidance
  • In order to have friends, you must be one to others
  • In order to contribute, you must develop yourself
  • In order to be happy and fulfilled you must think beyond your day to day and see the big picture 

For too many people, it takes years and multiple dissatisfying jobs to find out that it really isn’t all about the money. Compensation can be:

  • flexibility
  • growth potential
  • meaningful relationships
  • mentoring
  • geographically exciting areas
  • continuing education stipends 
  • bring your dog to work days
  • culture
  • social impact 
  • flexible dress policy 
  • talented and passionate co-workers 
  • the list really does go on and on



You must have some passion for the core responsibilities of the job in order to be satisfied and successful.  

It may not be what you want to do the rest of your life, but it cannot be completely meaningless for your future goals. Never take a role, no matter what the pay, that doesn't give you at least a bit of excitement to be good at what you do. If you can find passion for your new role, you can be successful in anything and everything you do. If you can't find any passion within yourself in the role you are considering, then wait for something that stirs your heart. Remember, all roles are temporary for the person who is developing themselves and committed to the good of the organization and its purposes.


    I've said it before and I will continue saying it again and again - be strategic in your job search. You don't just accidentally land your dream job.

    You make a plan

    You take action

    You get results

    When you reach down deep and find purpose, compensation, and passion, you WILL find meaningful success and joy in your new career, and I cannot wait to hear all about it. 

    - Mark