Boost your career with these 5 steps

In this episode, I discuss 5 easy steps that you can take today to start increasing your personal impact in your career. Below are some of the key points I discuss, but for the full content, be sure to listen to episode 1. 

1. Be a solution

  • As an employer, I don't need employees. I need solutions

  • How can you be a Solution? Solve problems and provide value

  • Align yourself with the goals of your team and think of creative ways to achieve those goals

2. Get caught doing the little things

  • Proofread your deliverable one more time than you normally do

  • Think like an owner - As an owner, I often wonder why I am the only one who cares about the trash in the hallway or spilled food on the counter

3. Listen with purpose

  • Don't talk when someone is talking to you - Listen and understand, then respond

  • Ask good clarification questions

  • Some of the best listeners need time to process what is said before responding

4. Stick your head up just above the crowd

  • Do more than the next guy

  • Being leaps and bounds above everyone else is hard to sustain, but being an inch or two better than everyone is easy to sustain

  • Deliver above expectations

5. Finish Strong

  • Find ways to power through the end of your workday

  • If you have finished your work early, don't go home early or browse the web, find a way to move your team forward

  • Leave the office with a smile knowing you were great today


Write these concepts down on a sticky note and look at it every day for a month. Make these a part of who you are and I can guarantee you will start to see a difference in your career.

SOME is not a NUMBER

SOON is not a TIME


Put these to work today and have an awesome week. I will see you soon.

- Mark