22-Inch Innovation

In this episode, I discuss the power of your mind and the incredible ideas that can come from it. Below are some of the key points I discuss at this conference, but for the full content, be sure to listen to episode 2.

  1. Creative environments

    1. Outdoors is not a creative environment on its own

    2. Games don’t generate ideas, people do

    3. Quiet and noise are both environmental successes

    4. Dry erase boards need creative people

    5. Why do we get our best ideas in the shower?

      1. Multiple arm and leg activity

      2. Hemisphere integration

      3. Auto process thinking

      4. Idea friendly environment

  2. Thinking in opposites

    1. Basic -  “Switching shoes”

      1. What is it like to be them?

      2. What have they told us?

      3. What have we observed?

      4. What would they want?

    2. Advanced -  “BIG/SMALL”

      1. What do we do well?

      2. What are we comfortable with?

      3. Do we have the courage to change our approach to the market?

    3. Expert -  “Pre-mortem”

      1. Examination of your world with the realization that you could fail.

      2. The life of an idea is questioned

      3. Where have you buried your concerns, insecurities, doubts, and fears?

  3. Leveraging ideas

    1. Starting from scratch vs. leverage

    2. Center Point Exploration



SOME is not a NUMBER

SOON is not a TIME


Put these ideas to work and have an awesome week. I will see you soon.

- Mark

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